Steph In Black Nuptse!

Steph In Black Nuptse!

Steph In Black Nuptse!

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16 Responses to Steph In Black Nuptse!

  1. DownFan says:

    She looks amazing wearing that jacket. Would love a hug from her!

    I also remember her wearing a Marmot Ennoble jacket which also made her look very sexy.

  2. Vestibule says:

    Ya, this is a very gorgeous woman who looks so good in puffy jackets!!

  3. Mark Foster says:

    I absolutely agree with you guys: I have written about how gorgeous this young woman is when she
    wore the red Marmot jacket as it suits her very nicely, thus complementing her figure and her hair.

    I actually prefer Steph wearing that one (although she looks great wearing North Face though!)
    but she does look great wearing Puffer/down jackets and coats and I would love to see her in more pictures of these soon! She should pursue a modelling career wearing these!

    I too would love to give Steph a very big hug as she’s stunningly beautiful and very sexy in that tight-fitting red Marmot jacket. Can you tell that I have fallen in love with this girl…?

    • Barker Shaw says:

      I think everyone has fallen in love with Steph- she is one of the most stunningly gorgeous women to ever appear on the internet. We would all love to see many, many more pics of her!! I seriously cannot get enough of her!!

  4. markfoster73 says:

    Barker, ever since I came across Steph on this site and others recently I just simply cannot get this girl out of my head! This has lead me to creating my blog site ‘Steph – The Woman in Red’:, which I am still working on a appreciation essay about this stunning beauty and those lovely images of her. The fact that they were taken back in 2010 and are STILL now being discussed among puffer/down wear fans speaks volumes! To quote a favourite saying of mine, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words…’

  5. markfoster73 says:

    Hope you enjoy it so far Cort! The essay is coming soon!

  6. Vestibule says:

    you should include also the pictures of this beautful woman in her black nuptse jacket such as here

    • markfoster73 says:

      Unfortunately that is the only picture of Steph in her North Face jacket that I could anywhere online.
      If anyone knows differently we would love to see more, but then being a very beautiful woman that she is, Steph would look great in any puffer/down coat and jacket! There must be plenty of pics …

  7. markfoster73 says:

    And while we are still in love with this stunningly gorgeous beauty in red, I would like to ask fellow Steph fans: what puffer/down coats and jackets would you like to see her wear next? I personally can see her wearing an equally very thick and very puffy pink hooded down coat! What about you?

    • Vestibule says:

      in anything black and shiny she would look so incredible!!!

      • markfoster73 says:

        I would agree with you there Vestibule! Personally I would like to see Steph in well shiny, well-puffed-up, and very thick bright-coloured down jackets and coats that stand out visually and photogenically speaking like the beautiful young lady herself! Is she just not the greatest combination of a gorgeous beauty and her stunning red puffer jacket?

    • Barker Shaw says:

      My dream is to see her in a Moncler Claire, red, black or blue. She would look so amazing! Or a nice really puffy red Parkasite!

  8. marcopolo says:

    Hi Guys, Steph was actually my girlfriend for around 12 months and I remember buying her the jacket from an online store in the UK and I got it for £45. I ended up buying a white and yellow version of the jacket which she did take some pics of herself wearing 😉
    One thing she did was give me the confidence to share my love of down jackets and my current girlfriend has a blue marmot ennoble and a moncler clairy and I aint sharing those pics they are all mine hehe.

    I have however emailed markfoster73 to a hotmail account i found and there is a pic attached 🙂

    I am glad everyone enjoyed what a Beauty steph is!

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